Thursday, 28 December 2017


Go back you fool to the warm rigid tree you climbed down from
Go and hide behind it's thick barks
And never ever come down again

The ground below is soft and the animals are all playful and harmless
But don't tread the ground with them lest you grow used to the mushiness and become numb
You can never clutch upon the rough wood again and you can never be one with the ground

Hide you fool hide as well as you can
Hide your jittering otherworldliness from the onslaught of their crude acceptance.
Never submit yourself to their ordinariness and triviality.
And yet don't hate them or love them
For they are creatures enslaved to their habits and you're too foolish for conformity.

Softly you fool softly and with humility
Be aloof and evade their kindness
For you're too brittle to be moulded
Arrogantly sob about your eccentricity
And loathe their comprehensiveness just the same.

Wisely you fool wisely abstain
There's a carnival underway at the foot of the tree but you mustn't dance along.
Silently hover and let the day pass till the indulgent are weary and doze off into the comfort of familiarity.
And then struggle with everything that meets your eyes. Let the tree devour you of yourself till nothing of you remains.

But as long as you are
They'll come looking for you
And you must hide
You're too foolish to blend in with the clever and too important not to care.


  1. Very nice post. I merely stumbled upon your journal and wished to mention that I even have extremely enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. finally I’ll be subscribing on your feed and that i am hoping you write once more terribly soon!

  2. Amazing Vishu. I have always enjoyed reading your poetry. Looking forward to reading more of these.