Friday, 27 September 2013


There is only one form of true & pure love found on the earth today and that is the love for food.

                                                                                            ___George Bernand Shaw
Food:-{Noun}Any Substance that people or animals eat to stay alive.

                                                                                             ___The Oxford Dictionary
So what exactly is Food?
The distinction of food as food is only with reference to a set of circumstances.A physical intake of organic matter linked intrinsically to a purely practical purpose of impractical survivial or {for a more optimistic audience} a form of minor art meant for short-lived ecstasy.Moreover for an ethically reverent audience{fundamentally boring people}
                                                         "We are what we eat"
Good Food however is not just about dietary consumption of luxurious components.I liked Elizabeth Gilbert's "Eat,Pray,Love".The Title itself was composed of three words ever so fulfilling in themselves.I quite admired the vision of life as a perpetual carnival of spirituality,love & of course food.
Food encrypts you in ways decisively radical & unimaginable.Good Food however is a lifestyle,defined by one's needs,habits & even compromises.
Good Food enthralls into us a sense of warmth,fullness & heartiness. Feelings amazingly scarce to find elsewhere.So when G.B. Shaw sensationalizes food as man's solitary love,we barge in with our stocks of claims of what is nothing but chicken served in fresh ice-cream.

It would be a gross understatement to say that food is important. In-fact even though none of our lives are singularly focused on food yet, each one of us bears an endurance of sorts in ourselves for some "soul food" from our past that shook us to our very core & the aura of which gave us a transparent understanding of our stance in our human roots.Momentarily,a piece of succumbed self & prolonged appreciation of not just the food but the amount of meditation that somehow churned subconsciously  in our head as we chewed the food.Perhaps it would have hit you a little more modestly than my description but Good Food does change your attitude towards your life & that is as plain a statement  as a Phulka Roti{without ghee}[No laccha paranthas were injured while writing this section]

Food apart from being delicious is also an important part of Human philosphy.It is a Humble patron of hope,a soft but reassuring incarnation of joy & a melting whisper of flame that ignites life into us.Food is a mirror.It reflects a comprehensive image of our ethics and perspective.In food we envision fulfillment or scarcity.

A bitter Truth however that continues to persist about food completely subsided  from our lives is that food,beyond it's contemporary euphoria still remains for the majority of mankind,a symbol of the deepest object of desire,Survival.

There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.

                                                                                                                ___M.K. Gandhi.



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