Friday, 12 July 2013



                             Let us Be Water For Once
                          For once leave aside your God
                                   & be one yourself
                                  A dimensioned God
                      For once be obscured and powerless
                             rend apart your intellect
                    Let importance lose reason for once
             & to this atonal rhyme lend your life for once
                and embark along in symphony with me
                            Let us Be Water For Once

                For once dismiss the ornate obeisance
               For once unpluck your pecuniary pride
                    & don't be good or bad for once
              and stand unlearned and mutable for once
                          Forget your civilization
                  Forget your voluntarism's for once
                   Stop singing your psalms for once
                     And for once recluse & stand,
    Stand thankless,uninspired,unmotivated,unjustified,
unopposed,unadorned and artless in the fierce copper Sun.

                For once flow naked towards the horizon
                        Deciphering new punctuations
                        Walk on three limbs for once
                        and start afresh from naught
                   Discard the written hallucinations
                       Decay the decorum for once
    Disprove the caricatures of Shakespeare's seven ages
       & breathe,breathe a breath without your dignity
For once if only we could peek beyond the borders of thought
& look ahead,ahead towards love,death,life & water for once.

                     If only man could be water for once
                           Sans regard and reputation
                        Sans humanity and domination
             end would no longer be forbidden & untold
             & He could have gravity as his pitiless God
               He could be still,merciless and fore-long 
           As a colurless matter he could rule and shine
               & could end his timeless envy with time.


  1. Surprisingly genius!!!!!

  2. This poem certifies that i will see you soon in Norway.....Great work