Saturday, 20 April 2013


The following poem is the ending salutation of a story that i wrote called "The Prosody".The story describes a nature lover whose life is tormented by a natural disaster.He loses his house and his family.When at the fag end of his life he lies on his death-bed this poem is his last offering to the love of his life,Nature.

         Why did I fall in love with her
         Why did I devote my life to her
        She Shattered my world poles apart
      I lay in my Grave with a broken heart
    My life has neither a beginning nor an end
          I can neither fight nor defend
            Yet I find this emptiness
             to be so very delightful
            She happens to be a monster
             But still she is so beautiful


  1. Waiting for your story to be posted here too!!!

  2. Beautiful.Really touching and love that last line man.touched me

  3. refreshment,,..i remembers that day when you recited this to me,awsome

  4. nice i think there is some one in your life

  5. Reading Benefits You:

    Sure, I don't mean to criticize,
    Any others of your poetic works,
    And I love it much, not despise,
    Thru sadness, up your life perks.

    "Still so beautiful" touches me,
    So deep in my heart, say you are,
    A talented poet though I do see,
    Others of yours something bizarre.

    Compared to those of Poet Valmiki's,
    With rhyme, rhythm and nice meters,
    So beautiful living thru centuries,
    Well-known to be literary wonders.

  6. It z your poem closest to my heart ❤️